The Closet


Design was accepted and shown at the 2015 International Fiber Recycling Symposium juried exhibition.



Inspiration from The Closet references the experiences and processes of sharing one's sexual identity for individuals in the LGBTQ community. The large, black coat with high-standing collar represents the selective and perhaps overwhelming feelings related to self-concealment and discovery. The colorful pockets relate to the choice one has to open up or not with as much information (or pockets) as desired.


I created the jacket using flat pattern and draping techniques using both machine-and hand-stitching.  All materials were taken from previously used projects or scraps in order to divert textiles from entering the landfill. The outer and underlining fabrics are made from 100% wool; the welt-pocket linings were made from 100% cotton fabrics.  The bottom hem has a  4”-wide horsehair braid.  Steel-wire boning holds the collars erect.  Horsehair fabric was catch-stitched on the upper back, cuffs, and CF closure.  I created two shoulder pads with 100%-polyester batting. Four sew-on, 1.5 inch snaps secure the CF closure. One hook and eye secures the collar.